Floatie Toucan

Floatie Toucan

Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Release: October 2016
Genre: Action/Arcade
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Floatie Toucan is a "Flappy Bird"-styled game. You play as Floatie, a toucan flying around Bird Island. By pressing the screen, Floatie jumps into the air, where he floats on by. The objective is to get our hero to pass through the countless obstacles along his path. This is accomplished by strategically pressing the screen when close enough to an obstacle.

The game is arcade-like, in that it was no definititve end, until Floatie touches an obstacle, the ceiling, or the floor. There is a high-score that is kept, even after the game is exited. Players are encouraged to play for as high of a score as they can achieve, in order to show off to friends and family members. How many obstacles can you make Floatie float through?


The game was created for iOS devices in Xcode, using the SpriteKit 2D game library, and the Swift programming language. As such, the game's aesthetics were designed to look and feel 8-bit, both in graphics and audio. Graphics were made using Photoshop. Music and sound were made using FamiTracker.

The game was also made in collaboration with the talented Lauren X. Pham, who produced the game's music track and sound effects. You can visit her Soundcloud page by clicking here!



This game can be download for your iPhone or iPad by visiting the App Store. The app itself is approximately 35 MB in size.

(Download link coming soon)