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Welcome! I am ARCADE RENEGADE - an indie video game designer and developer living in the Los Angeles, California area.

My talents lie across the spectrum of game development: programming, graphic design, sound design and story development. In specific, my passion lies in classic 2D game development and all aspects that encompass it - ranging from pixel artwork, to chiptune music, to even hardware limitations!

Having had a computer science education, I have over 8 years of experience developing software for computers and mobile devices alike. Most of my non-technical game development skills have been either self-taught or from job experience.

I have been learning to develop games for the past 6 years now, with most of my work thus far consisting of small tech demos.

My philosophy on game development is to make products short and sweet. I believe that a good video game should have tremendous replay value, a campaign that only takes an hour or two, and no DLC or micro-transactions - what you pay for is what you get. This is the paradigm that made arcade-style games so addicting to play back in yesteryear, and hence my moniker.

I am currently in my final year of graduate school - where I am developing a suite of tools that I will be using for full-on video game production upon graduation. I have produced a couple of small games and tech demos as a result of my ongoing research - all of which can be viewed from my GitHub page.

Feel free to follow my development blog in order to track my progress. I make an effort to update it often. Thanks!

- AR


(Click on a game below to go to its web page.)

Floatie Toucan
Platform: iOS   Release: October 2016   Genre: Action/Arcade
Floatie Toucan

(This isn't an actual NES game, but it was designed to feel like one.)

Floatie's Block Ball
Platform: Windows   Release: October 24th, 2016   Genre: Action/Puzzle
Floatie's Block Ball

(This isn't an actual Game Boy game, but it was designed to feel like one.)

*** Please keep in mind that this list is radipdly growing day-by-day. Check back here frequently for new titles added! ***


I use both Mac OS X and Windows simultaneously when working on video game production. The following is a list of programs I use for creating software:

Eclipse   (Mac OS X and Windows)
For creating windowed applications with Java.

Xcode   (Mac OS X)
For creating iOS mobile applications.

Android Studio   (Mac OS X and Windows)
For creating Android mobile applications.

GameMaker Studio   (Windows)
For creating 2D video games for Windows.

I am always open to learning new programs for game development. So expect this list to grow as time goes on.


I use Photoshop on Mac OS X for all artwork. My specialty is in creating 2D pixel graphics. (sprites, tiles, cover art, etc)

In addition, I use a set of custom-built graphics tools in order to prepare artwork for usage in video game projects. These are windowed Java applications that I created to assist myself in art production. They are capable of running on both Mac OS X and Windows. Anyone may use them for their own video game projects, so long as the tools themselves remain unmodified.

Click the link below to download the ZIP file:

*** Note: These tools follow a graphical production standard that I will elaborate more on in a future blog post. ***


I use Sound Studio on Mac OS X for all audio mastering. I work mostly with video game OST tracks. (amplifying, silencing, looping, etc)

In addition, I am currently learning how to use Famitracker on Windows in order to produce chiptune music tracks and sound effects.

*** I will keep my progress updated via my development blog, so stay tuned! ***


The following is a list of classic video game franchises (in no particular order) that serve as my fundamental inspiration for game development. Each one has had a significant impact on my philosophy of game design in some way or another:

Pok√©mon   (Nintendo)
Super Mario Bros.   (Nintendo)
Metroid   (Nintendo)
Mega Man   (Capcom)
Sonic the Hedgehog   (Sega)
Kirby's Dream Land   (Nintendo)
Yoshi's Island   (Nintendo)
EarthBound   (Nintendo)
Final Fantasy   (Square Enix)
Chrono Trigger   (Square Enix)
Tetris Attack   (Nintendo)
Puyo Puyo   (Compile)
Touhou Project   (ZUN)

The following is a list of modern video game franchises (in no particular order) that I admire and would highly recommend playing:

Cave Story   (Studio Pixel)
VVVVVV   (Terry Cavanagh)
Mighty No. 9   (Comcept)
Shovel Knight   (Yacht Club Games)
Shantae   (WayForward)
Mighty Switch Force   (WayForward)
Undertale   (Toby Fox)
Freedom Planet   (Galaxy Trail)

If you're a fan of any of the above titles, then you're in the right place! It is my objective as a game developer to produce quality games that will one day be able to stand amongst all of these incredible titles.

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Looking to get in touch with me? Do you have an idea for a game you would like to see developed?

I can be reached via email by clicking here on this link.

I tend to reply back right away. But if it takes a while, bear with me. We are all very busy people after all.


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